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Here at Side Exclusive Pieces, we take pride in creating unique and stylish pieces that are worn by people who inspire us. In this gallery, we want to showcase the incredible individuals who have chosen to wear our brand and share how they’ve styled our pieces in their own unique way.

Through their creativity, confidence, and personal style, they have brought our pieces to life and made them an integral part of their wardrobe.

We’re proud to have these remarkable individuals wearing our brand, and we hope that their stories and style will inspire you as much as they’ve inspired us. So join us on this journey of fashion and inspiration, as we celebrate the people we admire who have chosen to wear Side Exclusive Pieces.

Thank you for being a part of our story!

Lauren Bullen , also known as ``Gypsea Lust`` on social media, is a well-known travel influencer, photographer, and blogger. She gained a large following on platforms like Instagram for her stunning travel photography and adventurous lifestyle.

Chelsea Yamase, is an adventure traveler, outdoor enthusiast and all-around great person. She is known for her stunning photography and videography, showcasing her adventures in various scenic locations around the world, with a focus on promoting sustainable travel and responsible outdoor exploration.

Marie is a kind entrepeneuer and content creator who along side her boyfriend Jake, creates and shares visually stunning photos and videos on social media, showcasing their travels and outdoor adventures.

Raquel and Miguel, better known as Explorerssaurus on Instagram, are the Portuguese travel couple who see the world as their backyard. Their Instagram account, which started in August of 2017, now has over 1,3 million followers and since then they have shared over 900 inspiring photos and endless adventures.

Joana Vaz is a portuguese content creator and high fashion reference on instagram. She shares creative and stunning looks on a daily basis. She recently became a mom and wore our bikini while pregnant. How cute!?

Marta Melro

Marta Melro is a talented and charismatic portuguese actress. She was seen wearing our exclusive design Matilda Dress at the summer party of one of the main Portuguese television channels.

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